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Send Loose Reports Group

Send Loose Reports Group

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The Send Loose Reports Group is a set of four custom reports. The four reports are useful as a complete set of checklist-style shipping reports as jobs are staged for shipping and
then once again on delivery. The four reports are; Cabinet List & Send Loose Accessories, Send Loose Applied Doors & Panels, Send Loose Adj Shelves, and Send Loose Moldings.

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The zip file contains a Cabinet Vision pkg file. In the pkg file are four reports. They are:
1) Cabinet List & Send Loose Accessories report
2) Send Loose Applied Doors & Panels report
3) Send Loose Adj Shelves report
4) Send Loose Moldings report

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Q: What versions of Cabinet Vision can I install these reports?
A: We've tested the package to import without problems to versions 11, 12, 2021 and 2022.

Q: What construction types will these reports work with?
A: There are no limitations with regard to construction types....framed, frameless, 32mm works with all construction types.