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Cost-Plus Bid Center

Cost-Plus Bid Center

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The Cost-Plus Bid Center, Version 03, is a collection of 21 prepared rate tables and 5 reports packaged with the Estimators' Toolbox catalog. The Estimators' Toolbox contains hundreds of easy-to-find cabinet configurations and popular cabinet accessory products for residential and commercial projects.

This useful collection of Cabinet Vision tools can be used as soon as the package is installed on your Cabinet Vision system. The Cost-Plus Bid Center is best used on the latest version of Cabinet Vision...CV 2023.    

Just as Cabinet Vision models the "real world" in 3 dimensions, room by room, the Bid Center extends all of your work into the world of bidding and estimating. Using the Cost-Plus Bid Center and the Estimators' Toolbox, you can create fast, accurate bids with instant access to project Break-Even analysis reporting, customized estimates, purchasing summary reports and more.

The Cost-Plus Bid Center takes all the guesswork out of setting up your Bid Center so you can "hit the ground running" with cabinet pricing that includes every aspect, every material, every department of every cabinet shop from the design department, engineering, milling, assembly, finishing departments and your shipping and installation departments, too. The collection takes advantage of Cabinet Vision's xBidding multiplier with a smart implementation of a "cost-plus" approach to using the Bid Center for commercial jobs and residential jobs using your construction methods and material schedules.

For a limited time, we are including 2 hours of personalized online instruction included in the price of the Cost-Plus Bid Center.


Included in the zip file are:
1) a package containing CPBC rate tables, Estimator’s Toolbox catalog, 4 Send Loose reports, Material Summary w/ Descriptions report,
2) Rate Tables Explained - pdf document
3) Bid Methods help file - pdf document
4) Rate Tables Groups - pdf document

For a limited time, we're also offering 2 hours of online instruction included in the purchase price of the Cost-Plus Bid Center.

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Q: Can I start using the Cost-Plus Bid Center right 'out of the box'?
A: Yes, it is possible to start using it today. However, your estimates are only as accurate and complete as the data in your database.

Q: What types of cabinet construction does the Cost-Plus Bid Center work with?
A: The Cost-Plus Bid Center works with frameless, face frame, flush inset, residential, commercial and it also works with closets.

Q: What happens if a client requests changes to a job such as a change of species or a door selection change....or whatever?
A: This is where the Cost-Plus Bid Center shines. Changes to any job, on any level are immediately reflected in your Bid. This makes an excellent sales too to test "what if" scenarios.

Q: Can I use the Cost-Plus Bid Center for making a "Quick Bid". In other words, do I have to draw the whole job before I can get an estimate?
A: You don't have to lay out any cabinets at all to get a Quick Bid. Craftsman Engineering can help you learn more about Quick Bids.

Customer Reviews

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A LOT better than Sliced Bread

Not only is the functionality of Cost Plus Bid Center well thought out, it is so comprehensive. Bruce has thought of everything. This has massively reduced the amount of time it takes to send out a bid, and given the functionality he has built into it, I can tailor it to exactly my needs and how we estimate jobs. What once took a solid 2 hours to draw up a complex cabinet package in order to bid it out, now takes minutes. Additionally, Bruce make himself available to help further customize and refine this tool for dumb-dumbs like me. If you want to streamline your business without sacrificing quality and accuracy, this tool is the bees-knees.